Thursday, January 14, 2010

3 Days of Detox Down!

Good Morning!  Today is Day 4 of Arbonne Detox and I feel so good this morning!  I feel much less bloated, my skin looks clearer and I actually slept better last night!  I wonder why I waited to do this?  I was working out last night, doing my 5k training and was totally drenched in sweat which is very abnormal for me.  I'm not usally much of a "sweater".  So, when I felt my body releasing all of that perspiration I knew it was getting rid of the toxins that have been inside of me!  That made me run a little faster and work out a little harder!  I did my 5k training and walked for 35 minutes, 25 minutes on the EFX and did upper & lower body strength training last night.  I felt so good when I got home, and even better this morning!

No one should ever claim that weight loss, or getting healthy, is easy...because it's not!  It takes hard work, dedication and a positive outlook.  The concept of weight loss is easy- burn more calories than you eat, but sticking to that is where many of us get into trouble.  The benefits will pay off in the long run but sometimes we feel like we are working so hard and not seeing any results.  If you are feeling that way now, I encourage you to keep going, don't WILL see results!  Put the focus on getting healthy vs. losing weight.  Take the pressure off a certain number on the scale, instead try to focus on how you are feeling in your clothes.  When you get to drop a size in jeans that is so rewarding...and the number on the scale doesn't matter!  I hope you have found something to keep you motivated and to keep your goals within reach.  You can do anything you put your mind to if you just BELIEVE!

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Journey2Goal said...

Thanks Britt! I'm glad you are enjoying it!!! That's my goal:)