Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Detox Review- Day One Complete

Yesterday I had my first day doing the Arbonne SeaSource Detox program.  I drank the supplement throughout the day that promotes elimination of toxins throughout the body and I drank lots and lots of water as well (about 80 oz).  Drinking lots of water aids the elimination so I really tried to drink a lot of it!  I'm also taking my vitamins, this is really important as well.

I felt very tired all day, and had a headache.  I am a Diet Coke addict and I didn't drink any so I think part of my headache was not having my Diet Coke, the other part was my body processing the detox.  Mid afternoon I was exhausted.  I just wanted to go home and go to bed.  But, I pushed through and went to the gym and did Week 2, Day 1 of my 5k Training.  I felt so much better after working out...much better than I'd felt all day actually.  My training is 30 minutes so I completed that and then did 30 minutes of strength training.  I felt really good afterwards and was glad that I didn't go home after work and got through my workout!  I usually do more activity than that but since it was my 1st day of detox I decided to take it easy.

Part of the detox is also using the SeaSource products, if desired.  So, last night I did a Sea Mud Face & Body Mask (first time I've ever put that stuff all over my body...quite an experience!) then used the Detoxifying Rescue Wash to take off the mask after 30 minutes.  Then I soaked in the tub for 30 minutes in the Purifying Sea Soak (and enjoyed the quiet while reading The Lovely Bones).  When I got out I used the Renewing Body Gelee & 24H Re-Mineralizing Body Lotion.  Needless to say I felt a little pampered which was nice because I don't do this on a regular basis!  I will do this again on day 4 & 7.  The other days I just use the Detoxifying Rescue Wash in the shower and the Renewing Body Gelee & 24H Re-Mineralizing Body Lotion.  I will also use the Fortifying Hair Mask on days 4 & 7 (I LOVE this product)...it makes my hair feel so soft and it looks healthier too!

So, overall I'd say my first day was a success!  The only thing I should have done differently was to go to bed earlier...that is my goal today.  Part of this process is listening to your body and when you are tired you're encouraged to rest.  We didn't get much sleep last night because our dogs aren't feeling too good so we were woken up 4 times throughout the night.  I'm hoping tonight is much better and we get some much needed rest!

I know some of you are also doing this detox or another program so I wish you luck and please share your experience with us!  Don't look at this as a "diet" by the way, because it's not a diet.  It's just eating foods that rid the body of the toxins that can weigh us down and cause us to feel tired and dampen our immune system.  Look at it as though you are hitting the "refresh" button on your computer...except you are doing that to your body! 
Make today a great day!

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