Monday, January 18, 2010

Let's be Honest...

I believe that part of the process in living a healthy life from the inside out is admitting to everyone, but more importantly to yourself, when you are struggling.  Well...I am!  I have gotten out of the habit of journaling which I think is a very important part of keeping yourself accountable to your goals.  So, I've spent the day feeling sorry for myself that I have veered a little off track...NO MORE!  I haven't made the best food choices and I've had 3 days in a row that I haven't gotten all of my water drank.  But, I am here to admit that I have down days, like everyone else.  When we are having those times where we second guess why we are working so hard I think it's important to show your vulnerability to others because we all need someone to help us pick ourselves up, dust off and begin again.
I hope if any of you are struggling with something, you can find peace in knowing that you are not alone.  My life is a work in progress, I have temptations and excuses that I let veer me off track.  The most important lesson I have learned though is that it's much easier to admit why you aren't being successful (to yourself) than to run away from the truth and do nothing to change it.  I did that for so many years...finally I broke away from the fear of admitting that I am human and make mistakes and now my "bad days" don't last nearly as long as they used to.  We are all worth feeling healthy, confident and proud of the people we are!

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