Wednesday, February 3, 2010

28 Things I Love

Since February is the month of LOVE...I thought I'd share with you 28 things I LOVE about my Life right now(since there are 28 days in February)!  I hope it inspires you to focus on the positive aspects of your life and the blessings that God has given you.  I'd love to see your lists too! 
  1. Saying goodbye to 34.2 lbs...forever!
  2. My dogs a.k.a. my children:) 
  3. Kevin's new position at work...bringing him closer to his goals, and us closer to our dreams!
  4. Completing 4 weeks of 5k training, and Week 5 Day 1.
  5. Biggest Loser- need I say more?
  6. Learning to "Eat Clean"- thanks to Fast Food Nation, Food Inc, Jillian Michaels, Michael Pollan & Alicia Silverstone
  7. Finding a new Church that is bringing me closer to God- and friends to share it with.
  8. A new book for Book Club!  Last Chance Saloon by Marion Keyes
  9. My DVR...Oh how I LOVE you!
  10. One month closer to SPRING!
  11. Filing my taxes this month & hoping for a return- don't care how much, I just don't want to pay!
  12. New Jeans- in a smaller size
  13. Buying an XL shirt in a "normal" store!
  14. The Followers on my keep me motivated!
  15. Having someone tell me I've inspired them...there is no greater compliment!
  16. All of my Mommy-to-Be Friends...I can't WAIT to meet your babies!
  17. Valentine's Day Movie coming to theatres
  18. My husband is learning to do laundry!
  19. My wonderful, amazing & loyal Arbonne customers
  20. KU Jayhawks are ranked #1-and we beat K-State!!!
  21. Paying off my SLR Camera
  22. My family & their undying love & support to help me reach my goals
  23. Having a wonderful husband to spend Valentine's Day with
  24. My workout buddy- thanks to her I LOVE Aqua Aerobics
  25. New songs on my iPod
  26. My two "little" best friends & their Mommy, my "big" BFFL:)
  27. Phone calls from my best friends who live in another town or state...I miss you!
  28. Helping my little sister plan her wedding, knowing she'll be the most beautiful Bride I've ever seen.

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