Friday, February 19, 2010


The second time of detoxing is much easier for me than the first!  Not totally sure why but I'm having a much better time staying on track and getting in more fruits and veggies than I did last time.  I have felt tired though, so I think my body is really getting some "nasty" toxins out!
One thing I did want to share though was about my PMS after last detox.  I have horrible period cramps, usually just the first day, but sometimes they are so bad I'm laid up on the couch w/ Advil and a heating pad for several hours.  Well, I did detox in January and when I started my period after that I had NO CRAMPS.  That was a first since I got off the pill in March 20008!  I'm confident to say it was because of the detox!  I am eliminating the excess estrogen in my system and so I didn't have the horrible cramps as I usually do!  I also didn't feel like my cravings were as prominent either.  Needless to say, I'm pretty glad I decided to incorporate the Detox into my healthy diet!

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