Thursday, February 18, 2010

Had to Share!

As some of you may know I'm on a journey to lose 105 lbs.  I've been doing so well and am averaging 6-8 lbs per month so far.  Well, this morning I got on the scale and am the lightest I've been since Summer 2008!  That makes me so happy!  I just had to share it w/ you because if any of you are trying to lose weight I want to be a motivator for you to stay on the journey!  Seeing that number on the scale this morning made my whole day!  When I was telling my Aunt tonight she said to me "Your whole face is glowing"'s because all of my hard work is paying off, and I'm seeing progress!  Why wouldn't I be happy!?
Well, I'm off to bed....Tomorrow morning is W6D3 for 5k training and it's 25 minutes of running...nonstop! 


Shandal said...

Yay! Congrats friend! You have so much drive and such an awesome attitude towards getting fit. AND you want to inspire others to do the same! Have you thought about coaching?

Kim said...

That's awesome! Again, you inspire me. I'm on my way to losing 100 pounds myself. I'm also doing C25K. Did you repeat any weeks? I'd love to know. I just finished Week 4 and am going to repeat it.