Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Do you want to see what I do?

I've found some pretty awesome websites to help track exercise.  Not only can I view it but you can share it with others too- which means you all can hold me accountable, and I can do the same for you!  Whether you are running, walking, swiming, biking, etc. you can find a website that you can log your exercise on.  It's nice to look back over the month and see the progress you've made. 
Two of the ones that I really like are Daily Mile & Run Keeper.  I like Daily Mile's website appearance, I also like how you can interact with others.  You can also have a widget added (if you look to your right you'll see mine!) to show your progress to others. 
Run Keeper is an app on my iPhone that uses GPS and can tell you how far you've ran by the signal on your phone!  Everything you do while using your iPhone automatically downloads to the Run Keeper website.  You can get the Free app on iTunes.  If you don't have an iPhone you can still use the Run Keeper website.
Do any of you have programs you use?  Or know someone who loves what they use?  If so, please share!  It's helpful to be accountable to someone and motivating when they see how well you are doing!  Hope everyone has a Healthy Day!

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