Sunday, March 14, 2010

J-E-L-L-O Knees & W9D1 Complete!!

My knees were screaming at me yesterday, but I listened to them.  I iced my knees, took Advil & used BioFreeze.  Thankfully, I woke up this morning to better knees than yesterday.  They don't feel perfect, but better, and I'm happy about that!  I knew I needed to run today but was afraid to with how my knees felt yesterday so I stretched for 10 minutes before running and I think it helped quite a bit...I really need to do that more often!
I leave for Vegas early on Thursday morning and this happens to be Week 9 in my 5k training which is the LAST WEEK!  I can't believe I'm gonna finish this!  I think there was a part of me who thought when I started that I wouldn't finish...I mean, isn't that what my history shows?  I always start out strong, really motivated, but after a while the excitement fades and I revert back to the "old Amy".  Well, not this time!  Today was a 30 minute run...yes, 30 minutes!  I cannot believe this!  Now, I will say that I ran really slow today.  I didn't even know how slow until I went back and mapped out my route and figured out that I only ran 2.1 miles.  Even though I am proud of myself for running 30 minutes continuously I think my next focus needs to be on pace.  I have two days left of training, and I'm going to finish those the way I've done the entire focus is on endurance.  But, starting next week I need to change my focus to pace.  The 5k I'm running in will not track your time if you are slower than a 15 minute mile...I am NOT letting this happen. 
I plan to run again on Tuesday, and if I can't get in a run in Vegas (which I hope to, but am thinking it's not going to be possible cause I'm going to be in a conference day/night) then I want to run on Sunday.  Finishing the C25k training this week puts me a month away from the race.  Now that I know I can run for longer periods of time I am more confident that pace will follow.  I started reading  in hopes that it will help me with form- which in turn will help me run faster & farther!
Just so you know, I started running again in December.  I used to run before my 100 lb gain...but, carrying all that extra weight around made it really hard so I stopped.  When I got on the treadmill for the first time in December and decided to try running again it was quite a challenge.  My first run was 2 minutes...and after 15 seconds I wanted to stop.  I was at the gym though and I was saying to myself  "Okay fatty!  You said you wanted to run!!!  You are not stopping until 2 minutes then...but you aren't giving up now!"  I thought I could have died...and I really am not exaggerating either:)  Well, my self talk has gotten better since then cause I try not to refer to myself as "fatty" anymore, cause that just isn't nice!!  When you have positive self talk it gives you a much better outlook on life and whatever journey you are on.  When I run now I picture myself crossing the finish line at my race, or I imagine what I'm going to feel like when I get done.  It's empowering to envision yourself being successful...Try it sometime, you may surprise yourself with what you could achieve.

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Jess said...

Hey Amy! I hadn't been on your blog in a while so I'm catching up. I am so proud of you for a couple reasons: 1 - putting your mind to being healthy and doing it and 2 - letting all of us be a part of your journey. I know that has to be scary that you are opening yourself up to others and essentially having people make sure you are sticking to it. But that's exactly what everyone should do. If you are the only one accountable, it's easier to quit or skip a day, then another, then another and so on. So congrats to you for how far you've come, the attitude you have (it's inspiring) and for letting us all share in your journey! Just wanted to comment about knee issues and stretching...While training for my first half marathon, I had horrible knee issues. My knees aren't the greatest because of many many years of gymnastics, dance, basketball and track! But, during the training, I also didn't stretch before hand. "It took too long" was my excuse. Well, it was a mistake not to stretch. I went to a sports medicine dr in Dallas after the race and he said I had 3 choices: Stop running, try these stretches, or do physical therapy. I told him he was crazy if he thought I was going to stop running. So, he said he thought if I was serious about the stretches he gave me, I wouldn't have to do physical therapy. So, when training for my first marathon, I religiously stretched every time before I ran. Throughout the whole 6 months of training, I had no knee issues. During the race, after about the 13 mile mark (halfway) my knee was killing me. I had stretched beforehand but the race was in Chicago, it was chilly and you stand in a mass of people for about 45 minutes before the race starts and you can hardly move, so my muscles got cold again. I should have found a way to stretch right before I started. So, lesson learned. No matter how far or long you are running, you should always stretch before hand. And then stretch afterwards because that just makes you feel good! So, that's my 2 cents on running and knee issues. I've been there, so if you have any questions about it, let me know!