Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My Fitness Pal, Vegas, Daylight Savings

Tomorrow morning I leave for Vegas! I am going for Arbonne, they are launching 150 NEW products!  I am so excited to see & use them!  We have our National Training Celebration once a year and it is always so inspiring. The company really focuses on self development, which I never knew was important before Arbonne came into my life!  We will get to listen to several motivational speakers and that's my favorite part.  It's not really about how to sell, it's more about believing in yourself!  I apply it to all aspects of my life- my business, my health, my marriage, my faith, etc.  I leave NTC feeling on top of the world usually and feeling like I can conquer anything...I'm looking forward to feeling that way on Sunday when I get back home!
Speaking of, if I would have paid attention I would realized that this week is Daylight Savings Time....and I wouldn't have gotten super early flights!  We leave tomorrow at 6 am....and Sunday we leave Vegas at 1 am!  I really like to have a day to recoup at home, so I know I'll be happy that I'll be home early on Sunday but it may really kick my booty come Monday:)  I am not sure why Daylight Savings has been so hard for me to adjust to this year, but I've been exhausted since Monday.  That is why I'm skipping the gym (again) tonight.  (I didn't go last night either cause I had a Spray Tan party at my I'm nice and tan for Vegas!) 
Self Portrait- everybody has one!  How else could I show you my tan? :)
I know how important sleep is for me to get, and if I don't get to bed super early tonight it'll affect my entire weekend.  When I'm tired I don't eat as well, I don't want to exercise and I will make poorer choices.  So, I'm going home and gonna pack and then REST.  That is VERY UNLIKE me!  I'm already feeling lazy to be honest, it's not very often that I just go home after work with nothing planned but I know my body needs the rest and it'll help me in the coming days when I'll be going nonstop in the City of Lights!
I've started journaling using My Fitness Pal....I LOVE IT!!!  I downloaded the application on my iPhone and it is so user friendly and it's nice to not have to carry around my big journal. They have most of the food I eat already programmed into the site  and so I just have to click on it to add it.  If they don't have your food you can just add it and then it'll be on the site from then on!  It's been so helpful and I think it will be such a helpful tool to use while traveling.  If you don't have an iPhone you can still go to the My Fitness Pal website and use it from your computer.  If you start to use it let me know how you like it!  You also enter your exercise and it'll add up the calories you burned while exercising.  They do add this onto your daily caloric intake- but I just stay in my normal range which has been set for me at 1500-1800 based on my activity level.
Happy St. Patrick's Day...I'm not a St. Patricks Day fan but I know most people are so enjoy it!!  Enjoy a LITTLE green beer if you wish!!

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