Monday, March 22, 2010

Vegas Baby!

I had such a great time in Vegas.  I learned a lot, heard a lot of motivational speakers and witnessed the 30 year Celebration of Arbonne, including the biggest Product Launch in our company history!  If you haven't tried Arbonne before PLEASE contact me, seriously...this is the best product on the market and best of'll see results! 
On Friday night we had our team celebration and my upline shared with the team (approx. 50-60 people were in attendance) that I'd lost 45 lbs...they all clapped and were so nice!  Talk about motivation!  That makes a girl feel pretty good to know that I have all those amazing people rooting for me:)
Ok---now onto why you are really reading my blog.  I walked A TON.  I even journaled via my Fitness Pal on my iPhone.  I drank a lot of water, probably not enough, but still, I drank it.  So, when I got on the scale this morning I was part nervous, part my pleasant surprise I lost .6 since I left for Vegas?!  Now, that's something to celebrate!  The OLD Amy would have come home 5+ lbs heavier.  I even passed up ice cream on Saturday night, I could of had it but it was $4.95 for one scoop and that is crazy to me so I went back to the room, satisfied and proud of myself that I didn't induldge in something that probably wouldn't have even been worth the money!
How are YOU doing?  Did you do anything you'd like to celebrate over Spring Break?  Share w/ us!

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