Friday, April 2, 2010

April Showers Challenge- Day 1 Recap

How did Day 1 of the April Showers bring May Flowers Challenge go?  I hope it gave you the push you may have needed to get moving & shower your body with nutritous food, lots of water & heart pumping exercise!  Are you encouraging the people around you to join you so you have a strong support system when you are wanting to skip your workout or detour from "plan"?  They say it takes 21 days to form a habit... which means by May you will have established an exercise routine, water intake, fruits & veggies AND gotten into the habit of remembering to take your vitamins!  How awesome is that!  Do the hard work now and you'll see the benefits by summer!

I had an awesome 1st day!  I'm going to be brutally honest...I added the fruits/veggies to the challenge because I really struggle incorporating those into my day.  Yesterday was no different, but I did it!  Here is what my day looked like...
Cardio:  60 minutes of aqua aerobics- my goal is 300 minutes per week (217 weekly total to date)  *By the way since I use Daily Mile to log my workouts, my weeks are Monday to Sunday.
Water:  16 glasses
Fruits & Veggies:  Apple, Baby Spinach, Orange & Yellow Peppers, Pineapple
Vitamin: Arbonne Hybrids & 3g of Omega's

Share your Day with us! 
I hope you have a successful Day Two!

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