Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Challenge on RuntotheFinish...

I follow the blog Run to the Finish and she has posted a challenge from April 13-May13 (ok, so I've already missed a day but so what...better late than never).  I have been beating myself up for not being a good leader w/ the April Showers brings May Flowers Challenge, and I can't quite figure out why...I think I'm putting too much pressure on myself for some reason and it's causing me to be unsupportive and unsuccessful.  SO, I'm admitting that my challenge hasn't been nearly as helpful with MY weight loss as I had anticipated.  BUT, if it is helping you that is awesome!  Please keep up the good work, and I intend to do my best as well.

When I got this Challenge in my inbox today it intrigued me.  I picked 3 areas that I want to work on in my life over the next 30 days (maybe that is why I liked it better than the one I came up with? not sure)  So, I have decided to work on the following 3 items...
  1. Bring my lunch AT LEAST 2 days per week.  (I eat at a sandwich shop pretty much every day for lunch... it's expensive and I'm eating more calories than if I'd bring my lunch from home).
  2. Strength train 3x per week.  I'm the Matron of Honor in my sisters wedding in less than two months and I want toned arms!  Plus, strength training is good for the body!
  3. Walk my dogs at least 3 days a week.  Really, why don't I do this already?  They need their exercise too!  (Aren't they cute?)

If you are interested in her Challenge you can visit her site here & follow the directions.  She has a great blog and is really motivating, especially for runners.  It doesn't matter what helps you stay motivated to continue your healthy lifestyle...just as long as it continues!  What works for one person may not work for another, there is nothing wrong with that!  We all have to dig deep within ourselves and find what we are really searching for and what motivates us to keep working!

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