Thursday, April 1, 2010

Day ONE of April Challenge!

Today is the start of an awesome month!  Have you committed to the April Showers bring May Flowers Challenge?  I am excited because I'm getting great responses from my blog followers and also my friends on My Fitness Pal & Facebook! 
I'm planning on swimming tonight and my body is ready for the water!  After two days of running my hamstrings are pretty sore and the water always helps me with muscle soreness.  I've had 4 glasses of water...I need to pick up the pace a bit huh?  I hope you all have a great 1st day... let me know how you are doing!

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Sable Grey said...

I worked out for 2 hours yesterday, got my five servings of fruits and vegis, bought a multivitamin and Omega3 pills, and drank 6 glasses of water. So need to up the water but doing good with the rest.