Thursday, April 15, 2010

I race in TWO DAYS

I can't believe this week is here!  This Sunday I will RUN my very first 5k!  I am "taking it easy" on the workouts the next few days so I can have fresh legs on Sunday.  I have a lot of different emotions running through my mind... I'm anxious, excited, optimistic, hopeful, and yes, a little scared.  I've put in the miles (literally) so I know come Sunday I will be just fine... I still feel like I need to pinch myself though because I've actually stuck with the training!  Thanks to all of you who have given me your support and encouragement, you all inspire me and push me to keep working towards my goals!
Oh, and I brought my lunch to work today so I'm sticking with my 3 Changes Challenge from RuntotheFinish!


Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

GOod luck on your first race!!! It's always so exciting to meet each new milestone!

Great job on packing lunch, I think that was one of the biggest turning points for me too

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

OH and where in KS are you?? I just moved from Overland Park in October to Miami, but there is an amazing women's running group if you are around there

Journey2Goal said...

I'm about an hour from OP, otherwise I'd love to be part of a running group!
Race went awesome! Ready for my next one!