Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My first 5k Experience!

On Sunday 4/18/10 I ran in my first 5k!  It was such an awesome experience and I am so glad I followed through with my goal and completed the training and ran the race!  There were several times as I was running I said to myself "I can't believe I'm doing this!"  I got kind of emotional when I was finishing too...as I was coming up on the finish line everything that I've overcome came pouring into my mind.  It was such an amazing feeling to finally come to grips with all that I've faced in the last two years and to now be on the flipside and seeing success!  Even when I was thinner I never could have imagined running in a race.  I was the girl in elementary school who cried when I went to PE class and our teacher would say "Ok class, today we are running the mile".  I can remember sitting there as a child and anxiety would totally overwhelm me.  I was terrified of running the mile...and I had all skinny friends who had no trouble!  I'll never forget my teacher having to run the last bit with me {while the entire class watched} because I was finding it near impossible to finish.  In high school in order to play volleyball they wanted us to be involved in track, so instead of doing track I quit volleyball!  There was no way I was running!  I'd say I've come a long way since those days. 
I enjoy my runs now, and look forward to the days that I run!  It's given me a new passion for my workouts too!  I feel like I'm part of something now, I can understand what other runners feel and think.  I love being able to say "I'm a runner".  Because in my mind it really has nothing to do with the "run", but it has everything to do with what I've overcome in order to believe that I CAN run, I AM healthy, I AM strong, I AM determined, I AM focused.  Crossing the finish line on Sunday was like moving onto the next chapter in my life... closing the door of regret and pain & opening a new door that holds endless possibilities and dreams waiting to be achieved!

Just minutes before the race.  I was so nervous!  Do you like my new outfit?  Since it was colder than I'd planned I "had" to buy long pants & a long shirt.  I thought I deserved it after training for 4 months!

I know Kev was proud of me, he witnessed the training and all the anxiety and doubt I had.  He knew all along I was capable...sometimes I need to borrow his belief in me.  He's seen me at my best and my worst and loves me through it all...I am blessed and honored to be his wife.  I love you Kev.  {14324} 

My amazing friends who came to support me!  I love you all SO much!
Erin came from KC {she's ran lots of races so she gave me wonderful advice!  Erin is my sorority sister and we will always have a special friendship that I am grateful for everyday}, my little sister Ashley, and Bride to Be in 2 months!! {Ashley told me over and over how proud she was of me, as a big sister you want nothing more than to make your little sister proud...I'm so glad I did.  Ash you are an amazing woman who I adore and I am so grateful God put you in my life as my sister and friend, love you so so much.  You are going to be a stunning bride.}, Emily and her daughters Finley {my Goddaughter} and Payton {a.k.a. Goober Girl- I've called her that since she was a baby, even though she's 12 she's still Goober Girl to me.}
  I saw Payton before the race, but I had no idea Emily was coming.  She was on call at the hospital and told me she couldn't be there.  When I saw here at the finish line cheering me on I felt tears welling up in my eyes {and as I'm typing it they are again!}  It was a special surprise to see my best friend there who has been a rock for me to lean on when I hit my own rock bottom.  

Proof!  I finished in 40:02...fastest time YET!  I was pretty excited to see that my pace was under 13 minutes! Yippee!

Thanks to those of you who didn't come watch but were with me in spirit {or blogsphere}, prayers & thoughts.  Your support for my success does not go unnoticed or unappreciated.  I am so blessed to have an amazing support team who wants to see me succeed... I wish you all as much happiness as you bring to me!
NEVER stop believing in your dreams.  God never gives us a dream that we weren't created to acheive!


Amy said...

Checking in from the 3 changes challenge. Congratulations on this great achievement! I'm so excited for you! Way to go.

Journey2Goal said...

My 3 Changes Challenge is going great so far...are you participating in it?