Friday, April 9, 2010

Spoke too Soon

On Tuesday I told you that I'd had a stressful weekend & therefore had been a M.I.A.  Well, I should have kept my mouth shut cause I woke up Wedensday morning feeling horrible!  I've been out of commission and on the couch for the last 2 days trying to feel better!  Today is my first day back to work, and I'm happy to be off the couch!  I haven't really been able to eat much so there went the fruits/veggies again...I'm not being a very good leader am I?  Well, I promise you that none of this is intentional!  We all have set backs, and even though I haven't felt too whippy I haven't given up on everything.  I'm taking today off from working out & going to get started again tomorrow.  I feel like my body needs one more day of TLC, but tomorrow I'm hitting the 5k route that I am running next weekend.  Wish me luck!  I'm pretty nervous about having 3 days off, but I believe that our bodies talk to us...and mine is obviously saying "SLOW DOWN". 
How has your week gone?  Hopefully better than mine!

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