Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Inspiration Idea

I have the Biggest Loser desk calendar so everyday I get a new tip from either a former contestant or Bob & Jillian.  Yesterdays tip was really great so I wanted to share it with you.  This is from Theresa Pucket who used the Biggest Loser Online Club.

"I took monthly pictures of myself and posted them on the wall above my scale.  Seeing the physical changes in me from month to month has helped me tremendously.  I also posted a list of all the reasons I wanted to lose weight; then after a time, I started a new list of the ways my life has improved.  When I hit rough patches, I go back to those pictures & lists."

Great idea huh?  I thought I'd share my own Top 5 for why I want to lose weight & how my life has improved so far.

Why I want to lose Weight
  1. To finally finish something I started.
  2. To shop in a regular store, no more plus sizes.  (Although, I must say that I do love Lane Bryant clothing)
  3. Never worry about fitting in a seat on an airplane, at a concert, sporting event, etc. (I cancelled a trip in 2009 for this reason, talk about rock bottom)
  4. I want to be a Mommy~ Someday.
  5. To be a positive role model for the children in my life (especially my own) so I can break the cycle of negative self image & poor self talk.
How has my life Improved?
  1. I got the "old Amy" back- I'm happier, outgoing, more caring & try to add humor in every day:)
  2. I am a runner! (I LOVE to say that)
  3. I fell in love with my husband all over again (who knew you could do that twice!) 
  4. I re-ignited my passion for health & am hopefully inspiring others!  Even better....I WILL NEVER DIET AGAIN! Yippee!
  5. I'm willing to take more chances.  We joined a new church in January and it has been such a blessing to my life & our marriage.  My cup runneth over for the blessings I have been given since inviting God into my heart.
What would your list have on it?  Did you know that we are more likely to follow through with a goal when we write it down?  I encourage you to ask yourself what you want out of your life... and don't be afraid to dream.  As Cinderella would say "A dream is a wish your heart makes when you're fast asleep"

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