Friday, May 21, 2010

Once you believe, you can Achieve!

I was emailing a friend today who was nervous about an upcoming 6 mile race.  When I responded to her about putting fear behind her it seemed like words were just flowing out of me so I thought I'd share with you today what I told her. 

1.  Running is about HAVING FUN... don't get all wrapped up in your pace, or the hills, etc. Just go out and have fun!

2.  It's ok if you have to walk. In both my 5k's I had to take a couple seconds, catch my breath, gather some thoughts and then I moved on. I had to keep repeating to myself that I am out there running, a lot of people are in bed still, or would NEVER have the courage to get out here and do a race so who cares if I walk for 10 seconds at the top of the hill? I'll still be proud of myself when I cross the finish line because I DID IT!
3.  When you are running, look around and take in everything surrounding you- the runners, the sun, the friend running next to you....know that God put you at that place, at that time to prove to YOURSELF that you are much stronger than you give yourself credit for and that you have the power to achieve anything you want or dream possible!
4.  Running is MENTAL. Yes, you have to work up to distance but the first 10 minutes of my run is the hardest. Once I get my mind in check and say "You really aren't struggling like you think you are". Tune into your legs...there have been times that I felt (for some reason) like I was about to die and when I took a moment and really listened to my body I realized that I wasn't breathing very hard, my legs weren't tired, my shoulders are relaxed, mind was just having trouble grasping that I was running....and for such a long time! The mind is SO powerful.

These "tips" can be applied to anything.  Are you afraid to change up your workout routine because it might be hard?  DO IT ANYWAY.  Don't let fear get in your are capable of much more than you know! 
Two years ago if someone would have told me that I'd become a runner I would have laughed at them while I was in my size 22 jeans.  At that point I couldn't walk faster than 2.5 mph on the treadmill because it caused back spasms.  I had lost all faith in myself and what I knew I was capable of.  But, one day I started at 2 minutes of running, & those may have been the longest 2 minutes of my LIFE but it started something inside me that has brought me here...right where I'm supposed to be. 
Trust that whatever battle you face today is one that has been brought to you to teach you something... instead of looking at it from the negative aspect ask yourself "How can I grow from this?", "What lesson am I learning?"  Before you know it a world of endless possibility will open it's doors for you & you'll be ready to accept it BECAUSE of what you've overcome.


Mesha said...

First off, thank you for all the sweet comments on my blog! Your last comment made me smile and encouraged me. Also, I loved this post and the advice you gave in it, I'm going to link this post in my facebook status, great motivation here. And about those vegan Omega 3 supplements, tell me more about them by email or facebook. Email is and link to my facebook is on my blog. Congrats for the amazing things YOU've accomplished, it's definitely not easy but well worth it and rewarding. I'm proud of you and thankful to have crossed your path.


Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

That is a really fantastic list!! Running is a mental sport in so many ways and I think your first point is one of the best that people too often forget...just enjoy it! We make it harder than it is a lot of days