Friday, May 28, 2010

PopChips Coupon... Expires 6/4/10!

Visit PopChips on Facebook and click on their coupon tab to get a free bag of PopChips at Jamba Juice!  I don't have a Jamba Juice near me but I thought I could spread the word to those of you who do!  My favorite is BBQ- I've only tried the BBQ, Original, Salt & Pepper. 
I hope you enjoy them!  They are a tasty snack and one that you can feel GOOD eating!

Hope you all have a safe Memorial Day Weekend!  I plan to spend lots of time outside enjoying the weather...can't wait!


Bringing Pretty Back said...

54 pounds lost! Good for you! I can't wait til I can say that!!!
Have a great weekend,

Tricia said...

hope youre enjoying your weekend!