Thursday, June 24, 2010

100 Mile Labor Day Challenge!

Good Morning Everyone!  We finally woke up this morning to less humidity & no rain!  Yea!  I had a great time at Boot Camp & enjoyed the cooler weather. 
I wanted to share a challenge with you that I found on Daily Mile.  I use this site to log my workouts & I really like it!  I've met some awesome people who have been very motivating to me and my workouts, which I always appreciate! 
The Challenge is 100 Mile Labor Day Challenge.  Pretty simple, just run/walk/jog 100 miles by Labor Day and log it on your Daily Mile profile!  100 miles is a great goal by Labor Day!  I hope you'll join me on Daily Mile & in this challenge!  Having a challenge like this is good for me so I have something to hold me accountable, and I hope you will find it helpful as well! 


Lauren said...

Hi Amy! How do you track your actual distance run? I usually will go to my local park which has the trails marked, but lately I've been running from my house and I have no idea what my distance is.

Julie V. said...

I just might do that...I like having little challenges to keep me motivated and believe me, I need it right now! Thanks for sharing!

C Stevens said...

I'm in!! Started today, 99 miles to go!

Journey2Goal said...

I'm glad you all are joining me!! Let's keep each other motivated! As of this morning I only have 5 miles down...gotta get going!