Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My Sisters Wedding

And they lived Happily Ever After!
This past weekend my little sister got married.  She really was so beautiful and I was so happy for her and the special day that she had with her husband.  They've been together over 6 years and have been through a lot together and all she's ever wanted was to marry him... this weekend that wish came true!  She looked gorgeous, the weather started rainy but got pretty nice as the day went on, the reception was beautiful & I had a great time w/ family & friends.  Not only was I honored to be her Matron of Honor but I also got the privelege to sing during their ceremony.  I sang the Matthew West song "When I Say I Do" for their unity candle which is such an amazing wedding song by the way!  I sang a duet with my good friend Erin for the Parent's Procession, "Remember Me" by Mark Schultz.  I was so worried I'd not be able to get through it, but I cried during the rehersal so tears were out for the "final production"!
Overall, the event was quite a success!  Can't wait for her to get home from her honeymoon and life gets back to normal...well, whatever normal is I guess:)
My Sister & I before the ceremony               

My little sister on her Wedding Day- 6/12/10

My Mom, Sister & Me... I hope we age as good as Mom has!!!  She's 50! 
{Hope that was ok for me to share Mom!}

My Sister Ashley & her new Husband Ben

He's still my Groom... almost 5 years honey!

Did I tell you Ashley married my best friends little brother?  Emily (far left), her daughter Payton (center) and I were the Bridesmaids... it was a special day to share with a very special friend!

My BFF & kinda sorta Sister in Law now:)

Payton and I... my best little friend {yes, she's only 11!}

I do have to say that even though I hadn't hit the weight goal I'd set for myself to weigh by her wedding I was still happy that I'd dropped 3 dress sizes from the wedding I was in last summer.  I'll drink to that!

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