Saturday, June 26, 2010

Opinions Wanted... Garmin Forerunner

I am looking into the Garmin Forerunners but am totally overwhelmed honestly!  There are several different versions, and how do I know which one is perfect for me?  I want to track my mileage & heart rate- those are the 2 most important features to me.  IF I could also track calories burned that would be an added bonus, as long as it doesn't make it too expensive. 
What I would love to hear is opinions from those of you who have a Garmin Forerunner or have looked into them.  Tell me what you love, hate, wish you had, etc.  I'd love to have it by my next 5k on July 10th (also my 28th Birthday!) 
SO, fire away your opinions... I'm all ears!

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Jess said...

Hey Amy!
I have a Forerunner 305 and I love it! My main thing and the reason I wanted it was so that I could go outside and just start running. I hated having to run the same route all the time because I knew the mileage. Or I hated having to drive a route first to see how long it was or look it up online first to map it out. That's what is great about the Garmin is that you don't have to plan a route. If I am running and want to turn right, I can because I will always know how far I've gone. Mine doesn't do calories (or if it does, I don't use it) and I also don't use the heart rate monitor but mine has that capability. But looking down on my watch, I can see the time, mileage and pace which were the 3 main things I wanted. I don't use it too much right now because I usually run on a treadmill. I'm not a morning person and hate to get up early enough to run before it gets too hot, but I used it a ton when training for my marathon because the mileage was so long and I just couldn't stand to run that long on a treadmill. You run a lot outside though right? I can bring mine to Kevin on Monday if you want to try it out! Just let me know. And check and ebay to maybe find some good deals on them.