Friday, July 16, 2010

The Hungry on Skinny

When I see a picture of a Plus Size model I think to myself "Seriously, you call THAT plus size?!"  Hollywood has a totally different image of Plus Size than the average American woman I think.  If a size 10 is considered PLUS, then I'd be damn proud!  I am encouraged though when I see a more average woman in ads, TV shows, commercials, magazines, etc.  I'll never relate to a woman who is 5'11" and weighs 120... my measurements are quite different so I'll never look the same in clothes that they do!
So when I saw the interview with Crystal Renn on ABC News & she captivated me with her story.  I have struggled with my weight since elementary school.  I've finally {not until my late 20's} accepted the fact that I will never be "thin" according to America's standards.  These hips aren't going anywhere so I may as well embrace them!  I had Binge Eating Disorder and still have to keep myself "in check" so I won't re-visit those unhealthy behaviors {which is something I will fight everyday forever}.  It's a daily process, and hearing Crystal's story is inspiring to me to remain on the healthy track and not let myself get wrapped up in the opinions of everyone else and their idea of what I should look like.  "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder" right?
Crystal Renn started as an average American High School girl who wanted to be a model.  A modeling scout saw her, told her she could be a model...she just had to lose 70 lbs and 9" off her hips.  She worked hard to achieve this by anorexia and exercise bulimia.  She was 5'9" and weighed 95 lbs. and was told she wasn't thin enough. 
Left: Crystal today- healthy & happy
 Right: Unhealthy & unhappy in the midst of an eating disorder
You can read an interview that Crystal did telling more about her story here.  I am so glad she has shared her experience with the public, it's important to hear that people DO overcome eating disorders and unhealthy habits.
I think it is so sad that our society wants to portray that skin and bones is the perfect idea of "health".  No people, that is not healthy.  Now, if that is how your body type is then there is nothing you can do to change that & that's not what I'm referring to.  Some people were blessed with a high metabolism, and they are skinny no matter what they eat or how much exercise they do {ever seen my husband?  We are total opposite!}. 
What my point is is that we all shouldn't be striving to see BONES.  I'll admit, I'm a sucker for collarbones, when I see that mine are showing it gets me all giddy...but for real, I'll still have a booty to prove that there ain't no bones about me:)  And you know what?!  I've become pretty proud of what my body can DO, instead of what my body LOOKS like.  Even when I was 50lbs thinner than I am today I couldn't run a 5k or do some of the intense workouts I do now.  Now, I didn't try to run a 5k back then...and I'm sure I could of if I would have trained, but fitness and health isn't reserved only for the people who weigh in their ideal body weight range.  It is for everyone- no matter shape, size, height, age, genetics, race, etc. 
Crystal Renn wrote a book about her experience in the fashion industry and on how she decided after getting down to a tiny 95 lbs and still called too fat, she changed her mind, changed her life and is now one of the most famous plus size models we see today.  It sounds like Crystal went through some pretty rough times and I am so happy to know that she overcame those struggles and is confident in the beautiful woman she is today.  I plan to read her book Hungry: A Young Model's Story of Appetite, Ambition and the Ultimate Embrace of Curves.  I can't wait to learn more about her story and share it with you.
It's up to US to get the word out that you don't have to be a size 2 to be beautiful.  And if you are a size 2 then embrace that too, we were all made differently and it's time we all accept the beautiful person we are!
We need to quit trying to achieve something that society finds beautiful and look in the mirror instead and make peace with the unique person God created.  Beauty is not only skin deep, it is everything about you inside and out. 
If you are having a "down day" thinking about your weight or size of your clothes I challenge you to lift someone else up.  Tell someone how pretty they look, you like their outfit, makeup, etc.  Encourage someone you know who is working hard towards losing weight, training for a race, etc.  When you lift up others around you you will feel so much better about yourself.  If we all spent a little more time looking at the good in someone we just might be able to turn off the "Negative Nancy" channel in our lives and prosper in all of the goodness we have to celebrate!


Cori said...

Thank you for posting. I just love looking at postive changes through photos!

I too have a husband who will never battle weight issues. He is the same height as me, 5'6, and weighs 18 lbs less than I do. It tears me up sometimes, but I know it is just the differences in our family genes.

Is it sad that I sometimes hope our daughter got his metabolism, so she doesn't have to deal with all of this?

I hope I can get a hold on my weight issues, like you have - very inspiring! :)

:Deliciously Healthy said...

Great story, and great post!