Saturday, July 10, 2010

Tanning... this COULD happen to you

A friend of mine forwarded me this video the other day about a girl in KS who has skin cancer, because of tanning. I saw that she only sent it to me and one other person so I knew it was "intended" for me to see because she knows I like to have a tan. Well, once I opened the video my heart about stopped. I know the girl in this video. She dated {and is now married} someone I knew in college and I sat there watching this in utter disbelief that this was happening to their family. They are SO young, she is only 31. She is a Mommy of two & she has Melanoma.
I have not been able to get Heather's story out of my head since I saw it this week. I haven't been tanning in a tanning bed the last few years but I did this year for my sisters wedding{I'm totally hating myself for it now}. When I did start tanning right away I saw changes in my skin, bumps that started to appear and I felt my skin had the life sucked out of it. I couldn't wait for her wedding to be over so I could quit tanning...I wish I would have seen this video sooner and it would have brought me back into reality that tan skin does NOT equal beautiful. I have always been a tanner... I am more confident when I am tan, as are most girls. But, after hearing her story I'm NEVER going to step foot in another tanning salon...ever. Arbonne sells a great self tanner that I started using instead and it has an SPF 15 so I'm protecting my skin while wearing it anyways which is better than what I was doing (SPF 15 is NOT enough by itself though). I also have a friend who owns a mobile spray tan business (Visit TANgibility Mobile here) that I plan to use more often for events such as weddings, pictures, vacations, etc. I will prove to myself that I don't have to go to a tanning bed to get the glow I love from sunkissed skin. I can get it in a much safer way.
The second this video ended I also called my dermatologist and have an appointment in August. There are a few spots on my body I would feel better knowing they are "nothing" or can be removed. When was the last time you saw a dermatologist? Or have you ever? Make that appointment, learn from Heather's story and let her story be the "reason" for action. After reading her blog it's evident that IF she could go back she wouldn't have spent so much time tanning & therefore wouldn't be going through all of this... so I'm allowing her story to touch my heart and change my actions.
You can view the video here Beauty came at high price for Derby woman
Heather also has a blog She shares her story and there is also a link to help her family pay for medical expenses. I'm sure that the treatments are so expensive and that they'd appreciate any amount you'd be willing to give.

**Please share this with someone you think might need to see it. Someone shared it with me and it made a huge impact on me.**


Heather @ Cancer Mommy said...

Thank you Amy! You are to sweet. I'm not going to lie, cancer sucks-majorly! But, I'm doing ok. I feel pretty good and I have a wonderful husband and two beautiful children that are cheering me on every step of the way. I will fight until I can fight no more.

Cori said...

“Only about 10 percent of the people with Stage 4 melanoma survive five years, but I've kinda decided somebody has to be in that 10 percent,” Heather said. “I have two beautiful kids that I will fight for to the end.”

This quote really hit me hard. I am definitely questioning my tanning habits now! Thank you for posting.