Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Boys of Fall

I saw a video today that is so awesome. It's Kenny Chesney's new video for the song "The Boys of Fall". When I was in High School football wasn't a big deal to me. But, my husband is from a small town and football in his hometown IS a big deal. The whole town is there cheering on the Eagles and that's what everyone does on Friday night. It's pretty awesome to witness and I hope that someday my kids will experience sports the way Kevin did.
This video is so neat, and if I can be honest... it gives me the dreams of having my own little boy someday so I can be one proud Mama on the sidelines!  If we only get girls I pray they get Kev's athletic ability so I can cheer them on too, cause they won't get an ounce of talent from me in regards to sports! HA!