Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Do you ever have days that you are hungry for everything?  I mean, I've had to talk myself out of all kinds of food today!  I've been craving it all from fast food (which I don't eat because of the movie Fast Food Nation) to ice cream, mexican food, candy bars, etc.  I picked a horrible day to go to the store because I took twice as long because I had to tell myself "No, Amy you don't need that Twix bar or those donuts, etc"  Thankfully I left the store with only the items on my list and they are healthy and won't sabotage my eating...but, it wasn't an easy task! 
I wish AF would hurry up and get here so these stupid cravings would go away! :)  {sorry boys, this was a total girl post}

How do you handle days like this?  I pray I wake up tomorrow and all cravings are gone for good!  Hopefully Boot Camp will work every last craving out of my body!

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Cori said...

I used to have small tootsie rolls around and when I was craving something sweet, I'd eat one. They aren't that great for you; but, they are low in calories. I think three were equal to one weight-watchers point. They are completely empty calories; however, it helps my sweet tooth out.

At home, I would brush my teeth. I wouldn't want to eat then and if I did, it would taste bad.

Those are my two techniques. Sometimes it is hard to rely on personal strength alone!

Good Luck!