Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Weight Loss Shows

Fall is here, so that means that my favorite show is back on... The Biggest Loser!  I love that show, seriously love it!  It gives me motivation, inspiration and good tips for my own journey.  BUT, I know that the weight they lose in a week is not attainable for most people, and for most it's not healthy.  All of the contestants are being monitored closely by medical professionals so I'm not going to "judge" their outlook.  My only problem is that I think sometimes the show gives people false hope on what eating right and exercising means.  I can eat right and exercise and lose 1 pound.  On the BL ranch, that's just not going to cut it.  At home, I'm happy with any loss to be honest!  As long as the scale is going down, I'm happy!  Shouldn't we celebrate every pound? 
I've also started watching Thintervention on Bravo.  Interesting show, not as good as Biggest Loser (not even close) but I enjoy a different perspective and watching what another celebrity trainer puts her clients through to see results.  I watched Mondays episode tonight and the people on the show were upset about losing 1, 2, 3 pounds... and Jackie Warner got angry that that is all they were losing!  Ok, maybe I'm old school but your body cannot maintain 5-10 lb. weight losses each week!  Nor is it good for you!  At some point your body is going to say STOP IT and you'll hit a plateau... it happens, it's all part of the journey.
My point is being healthy isn't only about the number staring back at us from the beloved scale.  It's how our clothes fit, our energy level, controlling cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc.  It is not ALL ABOUT THE SCALE!  I still watch these shows, but I know that what they expect is not attainable for most of America who works a full time job, has kids, and a life that is not being documented on TV.  My fear is that many people watching the shows don't recognize the difference so they beat themselves up that they aren't losing 5-10 lbs. a week. 
Being healthy is a journey, it's not something we conquer in a few months and then go back to our "old life".  This IS our new life, the old life is gone... for good.  Gone are the days of bad habits, no exercise, poor self talk, poor self esteem, restriction, etc.  I hope if you are one who loves these shows that you recognize that we all aren't Biggest Loser contestants and that every ounce of weight loss brings us closer to our ultimate goal of being the healthiest we can be!  From there, the weight loss will come.  We must focus on the activity instead of the outcome!  .

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