Wednesday, October 13, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge- Day 1

I'm doing a 30 Day Blog Challenge that Katie from Katie's Journey started.  I think this is such a FUN idea!  I'll still post on my "usual" topics like weight loss, exercise, etc, but I thought this would be a fun way to share a little more about the real girl behind Lite & Fit.
I'm a few days behind {just found it last night on Lauren's blog Life with a Lab, so I'm catching up like she is}

Day 1- Introduce, Recent Picture & 15 Interesting Facts
My name is Amy.  I am a girl from the Midwest, born and raised... hoping someday our dreams will take us elsewhere:)  I've been married for 5 years to the most amazing man I've ever known, and always remind myself how blessed I am that God created him for me.  I love Health & Wellness {even got a degree in it} and am on a journey to lose this weight ONCE & FOR ALL!

I didn't have any recent pictures... so thought I'd take one with the ginormous and amazing Apples this fall!  I'm so glad my Mom takes these silly pictures of me & just smiles:)
 15 Interesting Facts About ME:)
  1. I'm afraid to cut my hair because I think I'll regret it the second I see it on the floor. Plus my hair takes forever to grow.
  2. In college my sorority was known as "the Apples"- we're the only Alpha Sigma Alpha Chapter known as the Apples!
  3. We've been married for 5 years and are living in our 3rd home.
  4. I waste way too much time social networking.
  5. I'm learning to play acoustic guitar.
  6. I accepted Jesus into my heart this year, I've always believed in Him but never had a relationship with Him until January 2010.
  7. I have a sick addiction to Diet Coke that I REALLY want to quit.
  8. I want to be a vegetarian, maybe even vegan... but, I'm scared to take the plunge.
  9. Everytime I go to a race I fear I will "forget" how to run.
  10. I know what I want to do with my life, but have no idea what "job" it is.
  11. I've sold Arbonne for 5 years, still no Mercedes, but I love every minute.
  12. I bought my car in 2005, brand new.  It has 111,100 miles on it today... this is the longest I've owned a car and the most miles I've ever had on a car.  Oh, and it's paid off:) Great feeling!
  13. If it weren't for my weight I would of had 1+ kids by now.
  14. I tried out for Biggest Loser in March 2009, got a 2nd call back & did an hour interview on camera with 2 casting directors... but didn't make it any further.  I did meet a great friend {Jen I love ya!} while standing in line that cold cold day and we still talk... thanks to Facebook.  The casting process is still one of my greatest memories of putting everything out there and not being afraid to go after something I want! {Maybe someday I'll even share my video I submitted..}
  15. There are so many books on my bookshelf that I want to read, I fear it's impossible to do in this lifetime.
 *I'll be posting Days 2 & 3 in a bit!  If you have a blog, join in on the fun with me!  Just go to Katie's blog!

4 comments: said...

What a great challenge - love reading this post! And for the record - you look beautiful in the picture with the apple - doesn't look like you need to lose any weight to me! :D

TaDa said...

Good for you...

lifeissweet16 said...

OK, all I can say is you do not look anywhere near heavy enough to be on Biggest Loser, and you also don't look big enough for weight to be an issue with pregnancy! Maybe it's just a really flattering picture, but I think that kind of weight is tough to hide ...

Journey2Goal said...

Thank you:) When I applied for BL I was 255 lbs... standing only 5'4":( Since then I've lost 50 lbs. I'm still heavier than I'd like to be to get pregnant, but if we are blessed w/ a pregnancy again then I'll accept it with grace and know that God has a plan... and I always trust Him.