Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day 11- Favorite TV Shows

What did I ever do before DVR?  I mean seriously.  Seriously?!?

I seriously love Grey's Anatomy.  Seriously.

I am the Biggest Loser because I couldn't live without my DVR.  Maybe if I had my own Private Practice like Brothers & Sisters and worked when I wanted to then I wouldn't be able to live without one.  I could actually watch the shows when they air.  I must say I love fast forwarding through the commercials though because it saves me time, which has been important since my Thintervention.  I can't let my TV shows get in the way of my workouts!  If I do then I'll struggle with my weight forever just like Oprah!


ty said...

Biggest Loser. I always cry into my cupcakes :)

Katie K. said...

The DVR might simply be the best invention ever!