Thursday, October 14, 2010

Day 3- My First Love

Day 3- My first Love
First loves...  yep, I had one.  Funny enough he is still a very dear friend of mine, as is his wife!  We started dating the end of my sophomore year of High School and dated until I went off to college.  We both went to the same college, but were at different places in our lives, wanting different things.  I wanted to get really involved in school, be in a sorority, go out, etc... be IN college, and ACT like it!  That wasn't his thing so we went seperate ways, but always remained friends.  We tried dating a few times in college when my college boyfriend and I were on one of many breaks, but it was never the same as it was when we were first together.  Trying to recreate the past was something we weren't ever very good at.  He didn't like the changes he saw in me, and I wanted him to be the way he used to be. 

Their gorgeous daughter who holds a special little place in my heart

I got engaged in 2003, but called the wedding off two months prior to our wedding day in the summer of 2004.  After I called off my wedding I called him, like every other time.  He was there for me, like every other time.  But, he was different.  He'd found his one true love.  He said things to me that day  made me face my reality and help me understand that I'd find my true love and soul mate & there was no reason to settle for anything less than everything I wanted.  He talked about his girlfriend (who is now his wife) and I knew the moment he mentioned her name he'd marry her.  They are married, happily... and so am I.  I look at them and KNOW God put them on this Earth for each other, they just "fit".  Just like Kevin is my perfect "fit", and I know God blessed my broken road with him.  If I would have met him 3 years prior I wouldn't have appreciated him for the amazing man he is, God sure knows what He's doing.
Isn't it funny how life works out?  My first love's wife is now one of my best friends and their daughter is a very special little girl to me.  First loves aren't always our "last" loves... but they do teach us a lot about what it feels like to fully give yourself to another person with no reservations, no agenda, no fear...  We haven't been hurt before, so we dive in head first expecting to always feel that way.  Most first loves end, just like mine did.  I'll always love him as a dear old friend who helped me believe in myself again...and helped push me to find my own happily ever after.
The love & light of my Life... and SO worth the wait!


Lauren said...

I'm catching up... I love this! I feel like I know so much more about you now. :)

Sommelier0124 said...

I just started the 30 day challenge myself (as I just found this a few days ago I am SOO behind everyone else! But I wanted to tell you I LOVED this post and can't wait to see more!