Friday, October 15, 2010

Day 5- My Siblings

It's already Day 5 of the 30 Day Blog Challenge.  I'm having lots of fun with these posts!

Today's post is about my siblings... which for me is one sister. 
I'm 3 years older than my sister & we are about as different as two sisters could be!  She's petite and  brunette, I'm "big-boned" and blonde.
 She doesn't share feelings, uh, obviously I do... I have a blog!  She keeps her life somewhat private and I tend to share more about my life, and sometimes too much.  She hates working out and I can't imagine my life without it.  She is always dress adorable and fashionable and I am either in workout pants or jeans (if I have it my way).  Most of the things she wears I couldn't walk out of the house in without having a panic attack cause I think I'd look so stupid, but she always pulls it off & looks so trendy & cute. 
This was before either of us had any fashion sense... obviously:)
Growing up it was just the two of us.  I used to be a bit of a bully, and probably could have treated her much better than I did.  Thankfully we can laugh about that now (can't we Ash?).  She's the only sister I'll ever have, and even though we don't always see eye to eye she is and will always be my ONLY sister.  No one can take her place, no one remembers the childhood memories the way she can because she's the only one who was by my side through it all.
My first day of Kindergarten.  You can tell she was excited for her big sister:)
(Is it just me or do I look like I'm dressed to go to work?  Guess it was probably cute back then!)
We used to play Barbies unlike any other girls I knew.  We'd transform our entire basement into "Barbieland"... and play for hours and hours.  We'd fight over who got to by Jordan's girlfriend (you know-Jordan Knight from New Kids on the Block).  We'd play store and school and I remember my childhood dream of being a grocery store checker.  My oh my how my dreams have changed.  I can't believe how fast we've grown up.

My baby sister getting married in June 2010.
This winter she's making me an Aunt to a little girl.  I can't wait until we show her the ropes of Barbies, playing house, putting on makeup, dating boys, and all the drama that little girls experience growing up.
There is no bond like the one of two sisters.  We can hate each other one minute, and the next minute be talking about our plans for the weekend like nothing happened.  Forgiveness, understanding, compassion is crucial.  Girls can be cruel and downright nasty... that is no exception for sisters.  (Just ask our parents)  But when I look back on my childhood I see her, through the good, the bad and the ugly she's always been my sister.  That's a blessing I need to remind myself of a little more often.  We are far from perfect, but I've come to realize no relationship is.  So I love my sister for all we've been through, all we've overcome, and the years ahead of us that I know will present challenges.  She's the only sister I have, so I'm going to love her with all I can.

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