Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I've been doing it the whole time...

I eat Jersey Mikes... often.  Like a few times a week.  The Sandwich Makers and I chat and they know what I'm ordering before I even have to say it.  I know, it's sad.  It means I spend way too much money, time... and calories in this sub shop!
The owner here is also a nutritionist so I asked him last week what I should get instead of mayo (knowing he was going to tell me oil & vinegar) and that's exactly what he did.  So, today at lunch I decided to try it out.  When I watch them put on the oil & vinegar it frightens me!  I have watched other people order it for such a long time and I think to myself "their sandwich must be dripping when they eat it. gross."  I made my Sandwich Maker friends aware that I did not want my sandwich dripping in oil so to only add a "touch".  I must say, it was pretty tasty.  And I feel alot better eating oil & vinegar vs. full fat mayo which has way more "bad" fat.
Since I changed my condiments I needed to figure up the new nutritional facts to put in my food journal.  That's when I find out the bad news.  I have been couting my normal #7 on Wheat totally wrong.  Like 250 calories wrong.  UH, rewind.  Go back to the top of this post where I told you that I eat this several times a week.  So, that means that I am mis-calculating 3-4 meals per week by 250 calories.  No stinkin' wonder the scale isn't moving!  I am so ticked!  I'm glad I figured this out, but you bet I am NOT going to be visiting my boys at Jersey Mikes as often anymore.  Just another reminder that I really really need to be a better meal planner, cook, etc.  If I cook my meals I am more aware of the calories and there won't be any surprises like this.  Oh well.  It could be worse.  I could have eaten a fast food cheeseburger. YUCK.

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