Monday, October 25, 2010

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

  1. I have spent 3 days on the couch with extreme back pain.  I've been on muscle relaxers, ice, advil... you name it, I've been using it!  I'm so mad about this because I can't workout, can't sit @ my desk @ work, can't do laundry.  Really, the only think I can do is lay here.  Uh!
  2. I finished The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo this weekend.  It was the kind of book that captured my attention within the first chapter.  It's very raw & violent... but, I did enjoy the book.  I'm already reading the 2nd book in the trilogy The Girl Who Played with Fire (Vintage).  If you haven't read them, you must!
  3. I can't wait for Book Club on Wednesday!
  4. We are going to a Halloween party on Saturday night, and have no idea what we are dressing up as.  Suggestions?
  5. My Goddaughter turns 4 this week... hard to believe she's grown up so fast!

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TaDa said...

I hear you on back pain ~ my MRI is set for Thursday... Hope it is nothing serious on your end...try that smelly stuff that you rub on your skin... it works for me.. Motrin is better than advil as well.

hmmm Halloween... saw pictures a few years back of friends that went as Thing 1 and Thing 2 ... was cute..

Good luck and have fun..