Monday, November 1, 2010

30 Day Blog Challenge- Days 18, 19, 20

Day 18- Something you Regret
I honestly try very hard not to regret anything.  There have been circumstance in my life that I wish would have never happened, but looking back if it wouldn't of happened I wouldn't of learned what I needed to about love, forgiveness, relationships, life, faith.  SO, I guess I can't say I regret it...
What I do regret are times I've been quick to anger, saying things I don't really mean, or saying things I might mean but shouldn't say.  Words can never be taken back.  I regret the times I've hurt those I love by the words I've said... we've all been there, we've all done it. 

Day 19- Something I Miss
Living in my sorority house
Seeing my friends everyday
Life before a mortgage
The days of drinking more than a beer & not being hungover!
 Dressing up for recruitment, or Homecoming.

 Hanging out with the girls, having a total blast, and loving every minute.
 Life seemed so complicated then.  But, looking back... it wasn't.  I loved college.

I'd do it all again.

Day 20- Nicknames
Am, Amers, AJ, Famous Amos, Wife (yep, that's Kevin's "pet name" for me)
I have a hard name for a nickname so this isn't a fun post for me:(


:Deliciously Healthy said...

Love all your old pics!

Lorna said...

I totally miss college days in the apple house......seems like yesterday i could just walk across the hall and come into your room and sit at your vanity and just talk!!! :)

Taverli said...

This post makes me miss college too!!! Especially the cinnamon rolls at the ASA Chili Feed---YUM! Also, I will add "Marney" to a list of your nicknames (college anyways) b/c it took me FOREVER to start calling you by your new last name--you will always be "marney" when I refer to the good ole college days!! See you soon!

Journey2Goal said...

Lorna, soon we'll be able to just drive across town and chat!!
Tave- you're so cute:)
LOVE ya both!