Monday, November 1, 2010

Day 17- Something You are Looking Forward To

I haven't posted on this yet because I couldn't.... because what I'm looking forward to wasn't public knowledge until today!  It's been a LONG 5 days.

Something I'm looking forward to is moving to a new city!  My husband accepted a job last week with a company in KC.  So, we're moving.  This is a very bittersweet decision.  My sister just moved 2 streets over from me, my parents live in this town, many of my longtime friends are here as well.  I live in my hometown, so it's "familiar", it's what I've alwasy known except for the 4 years I was away at college.  So, as hard as change may be I know that we made the right decision by accepting this job offer.
My husband was offered a job with this company this summer, but we turned it down.  It wasn't the right time, the offer wasn't enough for us to leave, and we didn't want it to prevent us from starting a family.  Well, last week when they called to propose another position we couldn't help but listen because our situation is different now.  We are waiting to start a family, which allows us to be able to move now.  Everything fell into place pretty much and we both felt that God was really pushing us to take on this adventure, step out of our comfort zone and take a leap of faith.  So we are following Him & not turning back!
We've had a whirlwind of a week.  We are attempting to sell it by owner for a little while but are working with a Realtor to list it as well.  With the winter months coming up we don't have a lot of time to work with and Kevin starts his new job on November 15th.  So, can I ask for some prayers?  Prayers for patience, trust and compassion.  I pray that whoever needs our home will find it, and I pray that we find a home in a great location in KC.  Trusting God's plan is sometimes hard, and we can't always understand it but we aren't asking questions.  We know that this move is in God's plan, so we also know that good things are to come! 

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Lauren said...

That is exciting news!! Congratulations on your new adventure!