Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Day 22- Favorite City & Day 23- Favorite Vacation

I thought these posts kinda went together so I thought I'd combine them so I can catch up on this 30 Day Challenge!  I've been a total slacker on my blog.  Getting our house ready to sell, finding a home, etc. is taking up every waking moment right now!

Day 22- Favorite City & Day 23 Favorite Vacation
I have only lived in my hometown & an even smaller town where I went to college.  So, I don't really think I can say what my favorite city is that I've LIVED in... cause I know I haven't loved either city I've lived.
I did LOVE visiting New York City though.  One of my best friends and I went out to visit our sorority sister a few years ago in NY.  She moved there with her husband after college so he could do his residency & we missed Meg terribly so we asked to come visit and see "the city" with her!
We got to see the NY Stock Exchange- here we are with Warren Buffet's stockbroker.
My first ride on the subway (one word: stinky!)
We went to BEAUTIFUL wineries on Long Island!

On the beach!

We drove to Montauk, this was the view from the top of the lighthouse.
Erin & I with NYC in the background
Looking at these pictures makes me want to go back!  This was my favorite vacation because we got to do a little bit of everything.  We saw a Broadway show {Wicked!}, shopped in NYC, went to wineries on Long Island, NY Stock Exchange, sightseeing in NY, East Hampton Beach.  It was such a fun girls trip!  I love my college girlfriends, I miss them dearly but I'm glad that even though we are getting old & all live in different we still make time for each other.