Sunday, November 7, 2010

Day 27- Pets

*I skipped Day 26... It's on My Family... & I'm waiting for a recent picture of us to do the post!

SO, Day 27 is about Pets.  I think I have 2 of the cutest dogs ever.  
Lucy is our oldest, she's a 6.5  year old Lhasa Apso that I had before Kev and I were together.  She is very loyal to me, and is a Mama's girl:)  She is the Alpha dog and her "big-little" sister knows that she rules the house!
Riley is our 3 year old Lab.  I had begged Kevin for a long time for a "sister" for Lucy.  He finally gave in when my Aunt B's lab had puppies.  He came over to see them & it was love at first sight!  He is goo-goo over her still & it's actually quite hilarious.  She loves her Daddy too:)  She is so energetic and is the happiest dog I've ever known. 

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