Sunday, November 7, 2010

Day 28- Something that Stresses Me Out

I've been stressed lately.  We are selling our home.  Moving to a new city.  Leaving my hometown.  Leaving my family.  Leaving my job.  Leaving everything familiar... and trusting God and His plan for us.
I'm really trying to TRUST right now and not stress.  But, for the sake of this post... I'll let myself vent a bit about things I'm stressing about right now!
  • Our house is on the market- so of course in this economy I'm a little stressed about it selling.  Or, not selling....
  • Deciding which town we are going to live in.  
  • Finding a home in the town we choose to live in.
  • Kevin commuting to work... & not knowing how long he'll have to.
  • I've not been working out.  I haven't in 2 weeks... do you know how long it's been since I've gone 2 weeks??  I can't even remember.  My back has hurt terribly, then getting my home ready to sell, looking for homes, having a baby shower for my sister, etc.  (excuses, excuses I know)
  • Where am I going to work when we move?
Okay, I'm stopping myself there.  I don't want to get all worked up about this.  I am choosing to TRUST God instead.  Trust that He is going to bring a buyer to our home, Trust that we'll find the town we want to live in & a home in that city, Trust that He will keep Kevin safe as he commutes to work, Trust that I will find a job, Trust that He will help me return to my routine in the meantime.  I am letting go of the control... and it's not easy, but I'm going to try really hard!


:Deliciously Healthy said...

That is stressful! Hang in there! xo

Cheri Bunch said...

Blessings on everything! Hope all works out even better than you can imagine!
So nice to meet you!