Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Day 30- A Picture

Day!  I wish I would have done better at this blog challenge, but I posted every topic (except day 26, and I'm still waiting on the picture).  I've had lots of fun doing this, and I've even gotten some new followers so that is always fun and exciting for me!

The picture I'm sharing was taken last weekend.  I hope my sister doesn't hate me for sharing it but I think it's pretty amazing.  We were trying to hear her baby's heartbeat (if you haven't bought one of these devices, don't...they don't work) in the picture.  Watching my little sister throughout her pregnancy has been a blessing, and some day's it's been a curse to be honest!  But it's an amazing miracle that is going on inside her body.  Feeling her baby kick, or seeing her tummy move is so awesome.  I cannot wait to hold this little girl in December! 
Babies have a way of making people see what is really important in life.  It's not what kind of car you drive, the house you live in, the job you have, the size you wear.  It's the compassion, unconditional love and support of the ones you love that make life complete.  My sister and I may hate each other on any given day, and we may be as different as different can be...but, she's my sister, and I love her no matter what.  She's my only sister.  And she's having a baby.  This baby is so loved and she hasn't even come into this crazy world yet.  She has already taught me how to love a little harder, even when it feels impossible. 
We may not of heard her little heartbeat that night, but I think she's just stubborn like her mama:)  I can't wait to be an Aunt, can't wait to watch my beautiful sister become a Mother, and my parents become Grandparents.  It's going to be so awesome.  And maybe someday I'll be able to give this special little girl a cousin... or two... or three. :)

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ty said...

I lovelovelove this picture. And the story. Why do you think babies have that effect?