Thursday, November 25, 2010

So Much to be Thankful For

Happy Thanksgiving to my blog friends!

In the spirit of Thanksgiving I wanted to share with you what I am thankful for this year.  
  1. Running my first race!  I still cannot believe I ran in 4 races this year (3- 5k's & 1 mile race).  Last November I was 240 lbs... the thought of running was not even on my radar!
  2. Starting this blog.  It's been such a rewarding experience to share my journey with you!
  3. Accepting Jesus in my life.  We joined a non-denominational church in January of this year and it has been the most rewarding experience in our marriage.  We've grown closer by accepting God into our marriage and trusting His path, instead of our own.  
  4. I am singing again!  I got the courage to audition for the Worship Team at our church in February and have been so blessed to serve with the amazing people on the Team.  The people I get to sing with are so talented and amazing.  I have a greater passion for God and music in my life because of this ministry.
  5. I am 50 pounds thinner this Holiday season than last year... and even though I'm not at my goal weight it still feels pretty amazing to be maintaining a 50 lb weight loss.  I'll get there... I'm not giving up... I promise!
  6. Becoming an Aunt:)  My sister in law just had her baby boy last week so I have a new nephew to spend Thanksgiving with!  My sister will be having her baby girl before Christmas so I'll have a new niece to spend Christmas with too.  I'm so grateful for babies I get to love!
  7. Our California Vacation!  We had a blast, and I loved California.  I cannot wait to go back someday!
  8. Finding my own strength.  I've had a few circumstances this year that have really forced me to dig deep within myself and trust.  Even though it has been hard sometimes I am learning as I go that life is much more tolerable when you TRUST God.  I've learned to quit relying on "people" to live up to the expectations I have for them and start trusting God instead.  We shouldn't have expectations of people, because we'll always be let down. (A good friend told me that, best advice he's ever shared w/ me)
  9. My Friends.  My life is blessed beyond measure because of the people I call friends.  Thank you for standing by me during my roller coaster of a year.  I hope you all know that I am only a phone call away and want to be the friend to you that you've been to me.
  10. Family.  All of them.  Immediate & In-Laws.  My husband and dogs.  (yes, my dogs are my family too)  I thank you all for forgiveness, love, support, laughter and the memories we made this year. 
I hope you take time today to think about your blessings.  Thank God for what He has given you.  He deserves it.

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