Saturday, December 4, 2010

2 Down...1 To Go! Babies are Everywhere!

Since this Spring I have anxiously been awaiting November & December.  Why?  Because I have 3 very special people having babies!  My sister in law had her baby boy on November 18th & my dear friend Erin had her baby boy on November 30th.  Now we are just waiting on my sister who will be having her baby girl this week!!  The funniest part of this is that the 3 people who were expecting were also 3 out of 4 bridesmaids in our wedding!  How ironic!
My GORGEOUS Bridesmaids.  All of them are Mommy's now! 
Today I got to visit Erin & her sweet baby boy Lowen.  I LOVE the name & had already fallen in love with this little boy before I ever even set eyes on him today.  It's so special when your best friends have babies.  To watch them turn into a Mommy right before your eyes is magical. 
Erin & I in college... She is such a special friend to me!
Baby Lowen & me... he's a big boy!  9lbs 5oz of perfect:)
Caught a little smile:)
Welcome to the world baby Lowen!


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