Tuesday, December 21, 2010

All I Want for Christmas is a House!

It's the week of Christmas.  It's normally a stressful time of year making sure you have all the gifts bought on your list, treats are made for holiday gatherings, travel plans in place, etc.  This year we've added "buying a new home" into our Christmas plans.  Hm, not stressful. At. All.  Yeah right.
We've been looking for a home since November 5th... and we've looked at 27 homes.  Last weekend we found one we loved & of course it was on the upper end of our price range and the commute was longer for Kevin- both of those factors made us uncomfortable.  It would have been easier to buy it because we loved it so much & stress about the commute and money later but we both prayed really hard about it and were both certain that this was not the house God intended for us to choose.  So, tonight we are starting from scratch.  Again.  I hope our Realtor still likes us after this.
We have 45 days & then we are out of our current house.  We don't want to rent until we find one.  With two dogs that could be a disaster.  Our next home will be our 4th in our 5 years of marriage {yes, I said 4}.  So, to be totally honest I'm really getting tired of moving.  I want to find a home we love, in a good location and STAY there... at least for more than 2 years anyways!
When I'm stressed my diet and exercise suffer.  But, I'm really focusing on getting through this week & then I can hit it hard at the gym again and get back into my 10k training.  There is no point in stressing out about not being able to get to the gym, or eating a little worse than usual cause all that's going to do is create more stress and then I'll feel sorry for myself and then I'll eat some more.  {what a fun cycle I can get myself into}
I need to get over it and accept the fact that this is a crazy busy hectic and exciting week and I just have to work through it.  After all, this is a  special week & it has nothing to do with presents, travel, a new home, etc.  We are celebrating the birth of our Savior.  God knows the house we are looking for is out there, He is going to take care of us, He's just waiting for us to let Him guide us there.  He wants us to put faith in His son, the one sent here to save us all.  So, why should I stress?  I know we are going to be taken care of... sometimes I just need to re-focus on the things that are truly important and forget the rest. 

A person’s steps are directed by the LORD. How then can anyone understand their own way?
Proverbs 20:24

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Buying a home is so stressful! Good luck!