Sunday, December 19, 2010

Trash Mountain Project

When was the last time a story touched your heart and left you feeling like you had to help?  Sometimes we are faced with stories that force us to look at the way we live & recognize how abundantly blessed we are.  We take for granted what we have; always wanting more, never satisfied.  Watching this video about the Trash Mountain Project tonight made me realize how much "stuff" I have that I don't NEED.  These families NEED food, shelter, education.  I am livng in America and tell myself I NEED new clothes, a new car, more food, furniture, etc.... we are never satisfied.  These children would be satisfied in homes that we would consider well below poverty in America.  These children would be satisfied with my breakfast as their only food for an entire day. 
It is time to step out of our comfort zone.  God calls us to love those who He loves.  Are you doing that?  I may try, but I can sure try a lot harder.  Are we giving of ourselves freely with the money and resources that God has given us?  I try, but I can try harder. 
Please take a few moments to watch this video and help the people who began the Trash Mountain Project.  They are advancing God's kingdom one trash dump at a time.  Even if you don't have the extra money could you please include this amazing mission in your prayers?
Trash Mountain Project - Trashed in Cambodia from Michael G. Barrett on Vimeo.


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Holly Chavez said...

Amy, I heard the message this morning and it broke my heart. I agree with you....I try, but I can try harder. My family and I discussed what we NEED and what we WANT and the difference and how we can minimize the WANTS and focus more on what we NEED TO GIVE and how we can help those get what they NEED to live.
Love ya Amy, thank you for blogging about this is amazing.