Wednesday, January 5, 2011

KC Weight Loss Challenge Website

The KC Weight Loss Challenge began yesterday!  If you want to follow my journey you can go to the Kansas City Fitness Magazine's website.  My video is officially up this afternoon! 
Just click on my picture when you get to the website {it's the 2nd one from the left} and you'll get to hear a "little" about my story.  The video they are using is from when I first got into the Challenge back in August... so it says I've lost 55lbs which isn't correct anymore since I've gained some weight back.  IT'S OK though... I'm back on track and I'll get that weight off again plus more!
So far week one is going good!  I've had a great healthy eating day today and am headed to they gym after work to get this sweatfest started!!!!


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Tj and Chelse said...

aw, amy! congrats. this is so exciting and will be fun to watch your progress!