Friday, February 25, 2011

Metabolic Testing

Earlier this week I underwent Metabolic Testing at my gym.  I was really excited to see what this test would tell me about the way my body burns fat & my cardiovascular health.  As you know I workout regularly, & have since I was a sophomore in high school.  Working out is an everyday part of my life that I can't see ever giving up.  It makes me feel human... and when I don't do it I feel sluggish, lazy, bloated, etc.  So, even though I'm overweight I thought the test would tell me I'm in great shape.  UH, NO.  Not exactly.
I started the testing by sitting in a room, quietly with no distractions for 20 minutes.  Oh, and I got to wear this attractive apparatus. 
I wish I could tell you that no one saw me with this on, but nope after I sat in the room for 20 minutes to measure my Resting Metabolic Rate I had to hop on a treadmill {with the mask} and do a 10 minute exercise to measure my VO2, which essentially tells me my heart & lung fitness. 
I know that my heart rate jumps up pretty fast, and when I run it's much higher than it should be... I just thought I had a higher heart rate.  What I learned is I can train my body to burn fat sooner while working out, and for a longer period of time according to my heart rate.  Currently I burn the most calories & fat while my heart is pumping from 155-166 bpm.  According to this test if my heart rate goes over 178 bpm I'm burning NO fat... only sugar.  Do you realize how small of a window 155-166 bpm is?!?  If my heart rate goes over 178 bpm I am burning muscle, not fat... and that isn't what I want.  I want to build muscle & burn fat!  This doesn't mean I can't ever go over 166 bpm, it's just not somewhere I want to stay while working out.  (This is where interval training is beneficial)
Another part to the test told me that my Peak VO2 is 26.4 ml/kg/min.  Can I be humble and tell you that this low score doesn't even register on the scale that he gave me?  Which means that for my age my body is in poor shape.  Do you know how frustrating that is for me to hear when I spend as much time at the gym as I do?  After he gave me the results I looked at him and said "So, basically you are telling me that I don't burn fat efficiently and I'm in bad shape"... he said "Yes".  Awesome.
The good news is now I am set up with a heart rate monitor and we are going to be training in different zones to help my body burn fat better based on the information I got from the tests.  He told me even though I've been working out HARD, I haven't been working out SMART.  There IS a difference!  He said lots of people workout a lot, but they aren't doing the right workouts for their body.  After getting this testing it made me realized that running isn't the best workout for me to do because I'm only burning sugar while running, not fat.  My heart rate is usually 190-200 bpm while running and to be honest, it's never been easy for me.  I have friends who run miles and miles and feel awesome... that is not me, never has been... but my trainer assured me that it CAN be, once I do some training to prepare my heart and lungs to run.
I'll keep you posted on the change in workouts, I know it's going to be different than what I'm used to but I'm excited for that.  I'm even more excited to start seeing results again.  The scale not moving has been frustrating, but I'm being proactive about finding out what I can do to jumpstart it again and can't wait to get out of the 200's!


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Blog Therapy

I think my post yesterday worried some people.  I didn't write it to get attention, or worry anyone... my blog is a space for me to talk about what's going on, and it's become therapeutic for me.  Sometimes when I sit down to do a post I don't think about it too much, I just let my mind go and my fingers follow on the keyboard.  That's what I did yesterday, and to be honest it really did help.
Things are not perfect right now, but it's all going to get better.  We've had a disaster with the contractor who did our hardwood floors and caused damage in our home.  We're dealing with this disaster daily and it seems like everyday the situation is getting worse instead of coming any closer to a solution.  That is the root of what's wrong right now but other little things are adding up quickly.  So when I spend my day upset about the circumstances we've had in our home I'm already a little upset, and it doesn't take much to send me into a whirlwind of anger & emotions.  That's what happened yesterday.  Someone else was having a bad day, took it out on me and I let someone elses bad day make mine miserable.  THAT was my fault.  I should know better than to let someone else have that kind of control in my life.
I have a lot of adjusting to do.  Moving to a new city has been difficult and I'm living totally differently than I am used to.  I'm used to working 40 hours a week and going 190 mph... my schedule is still busy but it's been a different kind of busy, and I'm dealing w/ a different kind of stress.  To be honest it's felt almost worse than "work stress" though!  I would have NEVER imagained that!  BUT, life is moving on.  I am moving on and I know that "what goes up must come down" so life will get to normal... it's just not going to be in my timing.  Once I give up control I know God will prevail, He will take this load off my shoulders.  I trust Him.
Thanks to those of you who took the time to call, text, email me and make sure I'm okay.  I really didn't mean to worry anyone... I just needed a little writing therapy:) 
How do you deal with stress?  Do you write?  Eat? Talk?


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Pity Party Invite

I've been MIA for awhile.  Life has gotten in the way a bit and I've taken a break from the blog.  This afternoon though I am staring out my kitchen window, in tears, praying that God starts taking some of the stress out of my life... or helps me deal with it.  We've had one thing after another since our move.  I'm feeling a little helpless, a little out of control and to be honest, a little pissed off.  I just want my life to return to normal.... or our "new normal" I guess.  Instead everyday has been filled with something else going wrong, someone else hurting my feelings, someone piling more on my plate, etc.  When is it going to end?!?  Or when can I stop being so damn sensitive?
Sorry, I'm totally throwing myself a pity party here... guess you got invited if you follow my blog.  I try to remain positive, especially here... but I'm not perfect, I never try to portray that my life is perfect and I have no problems, but I don't like reading negative posts so I try to refrain from being a negative blogger.  Sometimes though, a girl's got to vent and get all the raw emotion out there.  I'm hoping this "vent session" will help me feel a little better.
The last few weeks have been very stressful, and it's gotten to me more than it probably would have but I think it's because I'm so overwhelmed and upset with all that has happened since we've moved.  Seriously, I can't take anymore.  I either need a vacation or a bottle of wine (I think I might need both!). 
I know God is teaching me patience right now... and it's obvious I'm not learning it very easily.  I just need to take some deep breaths, I know life can't stay like this forever... it's bound to turn around... I just hope that happens soon cause it's wearing me out.
Thanks for listening... hopefully my next post will be much more uplifting with something positive to say.  I'm on the lookout for something to celebrate right now & you'd better believe I'll share it when something positive happens. 


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I've Seen Better Days

I heard a song on The Biggest Loser tonight that really spoke to me.  Music is therapy for me, when I find a song I can relate to it can help me through a lot. 
"Give me an answer, Give me a way out, Give me the faith, To believe in these hard times"
These were the lyrics that caught my attention tonight, they are words I needed to be praying to God instead of sitting here feeling sorry for myself.

It's been a rough few weeks.  We are adjusting to a new city, I'm adjusting to unemployment, we've made lots of changes to our house including new flooring & new paint so we've had lots of people in and out working.  The previous owners also left this house in a state that we haven't really appreciated.  It was pretty dirty, lots of trash in the garage that I had to pay to have hauled off, and the most irritating problem was the opened can of oil that was in a grocery sack that my husband picked up to take to the trash that ended up all over his work clothes.  We didn't know it was oil, didn't know it was an open container either and by the time we realized it it was too late... so we donated pants and shoes to the trash bin that day too.
In the midst of all this change (and irritations) we've had a slight disaster occur.  This past weekend our ceiling began leaking water.  We couldn't figure out where it was coming from & we called our home warranty company out at 10pm on Friday night to try to locate the problem.  He didn't find anything, told us it could be our siding but he didn't know.  The leaking stopped until Saturday afternoon and that's when we realized exactly how big of a disaster we had on our hands.
I was putting things away in our spare bedroom and noticed the floor was wet.  I first thought one of my dogs had an accident on the carpet and was getting ready to chew some "tail"... that was until I walked another step to realize that I was standing in water... on my new carpet.  I freaked out.  That morning I noticed our NEW hardwood floors looked like they were warping, but I was just keeping an eye on it & was too busy to really look at them.  After finding the water in the spare bedroom I knew the problem was not our siding... it was something IN our house.  A lightbulb went off... The carpet, hardwood floors and basement ceiling are all in the same vicinity of our home... and at the center of it all sat our refrigerator. 
I have hated this refrigerator since we looked at this house.  It's a piece of work let me tell you.  I told my husband when we bought this house that a new fridge was at the top of the list cause this one is ancient.  Well... I should have gotten that new fridge sooner cause the pipe had a leak and that's what has ruined my new carpet, new hardwood floors and it's also why I have 2 very large holes in my ceiling due to the water damage it's caused.  Thankfully they told us we'd done everything right, we caught it early and everything can be fixed.  Guess that's good news.

While I'm thankful that this small disaster is all reversible it just adds to the stress of everything else that has gone on with moving.  I feel overwhelmed and stressed.  So hearing the words "Give me the faith to believe in these hard times" was just what I needed to hear.  (Cause right now all I'm hearing are 6 commercial grade fans and 2 commercial grade dehumidifiers that will be here for 6 days).
Life is not always what we plan.  And it's not always easy to roll with the punches either.  This disaster has taken time away from working out & meal planning... two crucial parts to my weight loss.  BUT, I am taking everything ONE day at a time.  It's all going to be ok.  I know that.  I also know that compared to what many people have going on my small disaster is nothing.  So, tomorrow is a fresh start.  I'm starting the day at the gym and that always makes me feel better.  I'm not giving up on my weight loss just because I've had "life" get in the way.  The scale might not be moving much but it's not going UP, and I am going to celebrate that with all that we've had thrown at us.  Like I've said before I'm doing this as my lifestyle, this isn't a diet.  Life doesn't stop when we decide to take charge of our health, get the extra weight off, etc.... we grow when we stay committed and push through the hardships.  Having a never give in, never give up attitude is what will push me towards my goal weight... and that's a dream I will never let go of.


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Watch me Burn

I found out last night that I am in the February/March issue of the KC Fitness Magazine!  I knew I was going to be in the issue after the Weight Loss Challenge but I didn't know I'd be in 2!  Needless to say I couldn't wait to get to Barnes & Noble today to pick up my own copy!  If you live in the KC area you should pick up the magazine and read the stories of the 13 Contestants.  It's exciting that I'm getting to share my journey with others and I hope my story helps someone else find the courage to take charge of their health.
Here's my page in the magazine!!
We are finally getting somewhat settled in our new home.  So, I ventured out on Friday and joined a gym.  Having a gym membership was just as important to me as finding a church, a grocery store, a bank, etc.  Working out is part of my everyday life, and when I don't make the time to do it I don't feel like "me".  I felt a little lost without a gym to go to the first week here so I was really excited when I finally had the time to go join one.
I joined Life Time Fitness which has more than 90 locations in 20 states... if you have one near you I hope you check it out because it's awesome!  There are tons of classes offered and I can't wait to try them out!  Not to mention it is an impressive facility with tons of cardio equipment, a salon, a cafe, etc!  They have a yoga studio also and I am anxious to add yoga back into my workout schedule.  My back is aching after moving so I think I'm going to indulge in a yoga class and maybe a massage in the near future.  I plan to take a few strength training classes this week too.  I don't make time for strength, hardly at all.  That's something I really need to work on and I hope that with all the classes offered it'll be easier for me to include it in my workouts.  I always feel better when I strength train because I can see results faster... and who doesn't like nicely toned arms & legs!?!  Sheesh... that just reminded me that warmer weather is coming soon & these arms are going to be seeing the sun again.  I think it's a good thing I'm going to start hitting the weights this week!!

Friday, February 11, 2011


I'm not a Mom.  Someday I will be.  But I have lots of Mommy friends, my sister is a Mommy now too.  I've watched their lives change as they bring beautiful babies into this world.  I've watched them soften, love deeper, be more compassionate, worry more. When I saw this video I cried, because I'm still looking at Motherhood in the "before" stage.  I find myself wanting to do everything on my "To Do Before Becoming a Mommy" list and many times I convince myself that everything will align, everything will be perfect and THEN we'll have a family.  Many of you out there who are mothers know that it's never the perfect time... maybe that would be the card I'd hold up if I was on the "other side" of Motherhood.  "There Will NEVER Be the Perfect Time to Become a Mother... but it's always in God's Time".


Thursday, February 10, 2011

Week 5- KC Weight Loss Challenge

Hi there!  Remember me?!  I know I haven't posted in a LONG time!!  We've had a crazy couple weeks & I honestly haven't had a free second to sit down and write a post until tonight. 
This Tuesday was Week 5 in the KC Weight Loss Challenge... and I gained 1 pound.  I am not upset about this because of everything going on right now.  In the last 2 weeks I've quit my full time job, left my hometown, moved to a new home that we are remodeling and we moved away from family and friends.  Needless to say I've had other things on my plate besides this Challenge.  To be honest I'm pretty pumped that all I gained was 1 pound!  I haven't had access to my kitchen until tonight... and I moved here a week ago!  We've eaten out almost every meal (can I tell you how crappy I feel because of that?!?)  I cannot wait to go to the store tomorrow and stock up my house with GOOD HEALTHY food! 
You can see my video below for my Week 5 thoughts.  I'm not out of the Challenge, we all weigh in in the final week which is March 29th.  I am going to COMMIT right now that I WILL be UNDER 200 lbs... hopefully WAY under that!
My Week 5 KC Weight Loss Challenge Video


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Perfect Timing

This is the week we've been waiting for!  We are moving this week & we are so ready to get to our new house and get settled!  Kev is ready to cut his commute in half and I'm anxious to start working my Arbonne business full time.  It's gonna be so good... if we can get through this...
 I can't believe we are in the midst of the worst winter storm in a decade!  And we are supposed to move in this?!?  Tomorrow the low is -2... and the high...  8 whopping degrees.  On moving day {Friday} it's going to be a crisp 28 degrees... which means that the 5-10 inches of snow we are accumulating right now won't be melted when we are moving all of our belongings into our new house!  Sounds like fun huh? 
Needless to say... we could use a few prayers for God to warm up the forecast a bit!