Friday, March 4, 2011

Fat Burnin'

Why in the world haven't I been working out with a heart rate monitor?!?  After my Metabolic Testing my trainer gave me the information I needed to know based on my current fitness level, and which zones I burn more fat vs. sugar.  My workouts have felt so good since I know how many calories I'm burning & where my heart rate is during exercise. 
For example, I did an awesome class this morning at the gym called CRT {Cardio Resistance Training}.  It was SO good!!!  The best part is my heart rate was in the fat-burning zone for the majority of the class... booyah!  That makes me SUPER happy!  It also gives me a sense of accomplishment knowing that my workout is actually "working".  The instructor kept encouraging those of us with HRM to look at our watches & make sure we were in the fat-burning zone.  I've been to tons of group exercise classes & I've never had an instructor that concerned with our heart rate so I was really impressed this morning with the instructor who taught the class.  I love my new gym.  And when you LOVE where you workout it makes it SO much easier to go! 
Do you have a heart rate monitor?  Do you know what zone you should work in to burn the most fat?