Tuesday, February 5, 2013

God Made Me a Mother

I can't believe it's been almost a year since I've sat down to write.  What a year it has been though.  I have thought so often of hopping on here and saying a few things on days when I've missed the "old" Amy and the things that used to be SO important.  Fact is, almost 15 months ago I became a Mother... and things that were on my "so important" list got replaced with 10 little fingers, 10 toes and bright blue eyes that brought a whole new meaning to my life.  Motherhood.  It's changed me.  It's made me a lover of life in a way I never imagined.  To say there aren't hard days wouldn't be true.  But, even the hard days as a Mommy are far better than the days before him.
I came across a beautiful blog post today and I was inspired to come write on my own blog right away so I could share it with you.  I sat at my kitchen table and sobbed; no really I did!  This post is about the importance of being a Mother.  And some days I find myself asking "who am I besides Grant's Mom?", "Am I losing my identity?".  This post just gave me peace.  Peace that I am right where I was meant to be.  And... I am important. 

"Someone who knows that in every hard place is exactly where you extend grace, who looks a hopeful child in the eye and says yes, even though she knows every yes means a mess but this is how you bless, who has the courage to keep letting go because she’s holding on to Me.
So God made a mother."

Enjoy it Mommy's and I hope it brings you some peace today too.  {Link below}
God Made a Mother and You- So Farmer On


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