Saturday, September 28, 2013

Women of Faith 2013

What a weekend.  I just spent the last 24 hours with a bunch of Jesus girls and my cup is filled up!! Women of Faith came to Kansas City this weekend and it was by the grace of God that I was able to sit in arena with 8,000 other women to worship Him.  I really wanted to go to this conference but had decided not to because of the cost and time away from my boys.  I was given the opportunity last week to join a group of 7 women from my church (I only knew 2 of them prior to this weekend) one of whom was paying for the hotel rooms. I was also GIVEN a ticket to the event from someone else who couldn't attend.  Seriously?  How could I not go?  God aligned so many different things in order for me to hear the messages this weekend and I'm so glad I was blessed by the generosity of others so I could encounter the love of God this weekend.  My heart is full tonight as I am reflecting on His love and His grace.  God is good my friends.
Thanks to these awesome women for allowing me to join them this weekend!
We got to hear from a number of speakers.  My main reason for really wanting to go was to hear Lysa Terkeurst.  She's amazing and her book Made to Crave was a critical part in accepting what God wants for me in regards to my relationship with food.  If you have any food "issues" at all PLEASE read her book.  It will change you... if you let it. 
Lysa spoke on Friday night and she said a lot of things that struck a chord with me.  Just because I'm a Christ follower doesn't mean my life is pretty or perfect.  In fact, it can be quite the opposite.  I'm pretty broken and messy.  Thankfully He loves me anyways.  I am a work in progress and I make mistakes.  I want to be better.  I'll never stop trying.  Sometimes we need to hear the hard stuff though.  We need to hear that we need to stop blaming others, or ourselves and keep our eyes on God because He knows why our journey has taken us down a bumpy and broken road... He is the ONLY one who knows what that road is preparing us for.  So, instead of cursing Him through it; praise Him through it.  Praise Him for the opportunity to lean in closer to Him when it would be much easier to walk away with our heads hanging in defeat.  When Lysa was done speaking they told us she'd be visiting with some people in the concourse so I went out there fully expecting that I would not have the opportunity to meet her...but God had orchestrated my weekend and His plan was to give me that opportunity.  I was the 2nd to last person able to meet her.  They only allowed about 50-60 people in the line.  I was a lucky one.  I was able to thank her for making herself vulnerable and sharing her walk in faith with a girl who needed to hear about it in Made to Crave.  I hardly got thank you out before I had tears streaming down my cheeks.  I maybe had 20 seconds with her... but, it was enough.  I wanted her to know that the desire God put on her heart to touch others touched me.  She is a blessing and I'm honored to have been able to meet her and thank her personally for her work being the hands and feet of Jesus Christ.
Well done, good and faithful servant. 
Matthew 25:21  
I am so thankful for this weekend and for the amazing speakers that shared their brokenness with us.  It's hard to tell our stories but what I've learned, is God uses these stories to prove to us that we are much stronger than we ever imagined.  We are even stronger when we ask Him to join in the journey with us and help fight the enemy.  We aren't meant to do this alone.  Jesus sees us for who we can become long before we even understand who we are.  That is pretty awesome, friends.


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Who You Are

Sometimes I read or watch something that I am so moved by I can't help but share it.  That's how I felt after watching this tonight.  It is incredible.
It's a gentle reminder that "you are never too much, and always enough".  I needed this message today for a number of reasons.  Sometimes we just need to be reminded that we are Smart.  Strong.  Important.  Beautiful.  Worthy of Love
On this journey of weight loss I've reached a point that it feels almost like it'd be easier to just settle with the 80 pounds loss and say I've come far enough. But, who am I NOT to make it to my goal?  Why should I give up on myself now?  Before reaching the finish line.  I am worthy.  I am strong enough.  I am capable.  I can do this. 
I hope you share this with a woman/girl who needs to know how amazing she is today and to know that God loves her no matter what she thinks of herself... we are daughters of the King.  That IS awesome.