Tuesday, January 21, 2014

First Media Free Monday

Yesterday was my first Media Free Monday and I have to say it was a lot easier than I was anticipating.
Sunday night I turned off all notifications for Facebook so I wouldn't be tempted to check it.  There were a few times I almost clicked on the app just out of habit but I stopped myself first.
I got some things done in the time I most likely would have spent on social media and that felt pretty good.
I added a little more flair to the wreath on my front door.
I folded laundry.  I HATE folding laundry.  I'm great at doing the laundry... not so great at getting it folded and put away.
I paid bills.  {oh joy}
I started a new book.  {The Paris Wife: A Novel}
I took a shower and got ready for date night with my husband. 
By the way, I did all of that during my son's nap.  Needless to say I felt very productive!

One of my amazing friends offered to watch Grant so we could go on a date last night so we took her up on the offer and went out for Kansas City Restaurant Week.  We went to Gaslight Grill and the food was ah-mazing.  I think I'll be thinking about the White Chocolate Cheesecake I had for a week.  I'll be trying to work off the calories, too!  Oh well, sometimes you have to go out and have a good time without worrying about the calories.  We had a great time together and it was nice to have my phone "off limits" so we could just enjoy each others company.  Grant had a good time with his best buddies so it was a win-win for everyone!

Join me next Monday for another #mediafreemonday and share it with your friends!

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