Saturday, January 11, 2014

I Love Project Life

This is a post I've wanted to write for a long time.  I decided I'm not helping anyone by keeping it to myself and I needed to blog about it and share the amazing solution I've found for my pictures. 

About a year ago two of my besties told me about their newest addiction.  Project Life.  My son was a year old and I hadn't printed any pictures since his 2nd week of life.  They were all in files on my computer, but I wasn't enjoying them at all and I had nothing to look at besides some computer files.   I looked up Project Life and before I knew it I'd ordered the Project Life Baby Edition for Him.  I dove right in and I'm SO happy I did!  I'd kept great notes for G's first year of life so I set up a table in my basement and made up for lost time and within a few weeks I'd printed pictures and documented the first year of his life.  A HUGE weight was lifted off my shoulders and I was SO incredibly thankful for my friends for sharing system this with me! (Thanks C & E... LOVE YOU!)  I've continued using Project Life to document G's life and all of my books are written "to" him so someday I hope he reads them like a book, telling him the stories of his childhood.

This style of scrapbooking is meant to be very easy and simple.  It's literally pocket pages that you slip pictures into and journal on 3x4 cards to share the stories from each picture.  Becky Higgins created Project Life as a simple way to document life.  You can make it as simple or as complicated as you want and the longer I do it the more "brave" I get with digital elements and other embellishments but I love that at it's core PL is meant to be literally 4x6 printed pictures and the Core Kit of your choice to use to add your journaling.  When I was learning about this I told myself there is no excuse for my pictures to stay in files on my computer when there was a system like this that makes it so easy!
Here are a few of my layouts.  What I've had to embrace is Project Life is different for each person.  I sometimes get PL envy looking at my books in comparisons to my friends because they are amazingly talented and gifted crafters... and I'm kind of a newbie in the craft world!  But, my book is perfectly mine and it showcases my personality.  Someday my son will take these albums with him and he will have the everyday stories of his childhood.  That is what is most important to me. 
Scrapbooking isn't just about capturing the big moments like birthdays, first steps and new foods.  It's the perfect way to capture what your life looks like right now, in this ordinary moment.  As imperfect as that feels on some days, we will miss these crazy days.  Someday we'll forget the "little" things that brought us so much joy (or maybe not so much joy!).  I'm thankful Project Life gives me a way to keep these memories alive and serve as a glimpse into the past.  Reminding me that life is truly meant to be celebrated.
Here is what you'll need to start your own Project Life album.


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